Blumhouse Teases Horror Video-Game Slate: ‘Project C,’ More

Jump-scaring us in movie theaters wasn’t enough, huh? Blumhouse, the production company behind M3gan and the Five Nights at Freddy’s movie, is making horror video games now. During this year’s Summer Game Fest, the newly-launched Blumhouse Games dropped a trailer teasing six upcoming projects that range from a pixelated farming and town simulator with a supernatural serial killer to a first-person adventure where players have to use their own blood as ammo and fight creepy statues of saints.
The full lineup includes Fear the Spotlight, Crisol: Theater of Idols, Grave Seasons, Sleep Awake, and Project C (an apparent code name for the collaboration between Her Story game designer Sam Barlow and Infinity Pool writer-director Brandon Cronenberg). Blumhouse Games says its focus is on indie-budget (below $10 million) projects for console, PC, and mobile audiences. Fear the Spotlight will drop later this year, while the other titles are still in development. If you’re feeling impatient, console yourself with a preview of what’s coming to your console in the full clip above.

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