The hate driving antisemitism, Bragg destroys democracy to save it and other commentary

Conservative: The Hate Driving Antisemitism

“The ideology of anti-whiteness that has generated what [President] Biden denounces as campus anti-Semitism also governs Biden’s executive branch,” fumes Heather Mac Donald at Spiked. “Pro-Hamas hysteria is the foreseeable outcome of a belief system dominant not only in academia, but also in Biden’s own administration . . . in which the West is damned as ‘systemically racist.’ ” “The majority of courses in the humanities and soft social sciences now approach their subject matter through an anti-Western lens,” and “vilifying Israel as the settler-colonial state par excellence is the natural result of this reflexive hostility to all things Western.” Meanwhile, “the Biden executive branch sees the white male patriarchy behind every alleged failure of social justice.” “Campus anti-Semitism will not stop until the university is transformed and the Democratic Party rejects identity politics.”

Court beat: Bragg Destroys Democracy To Save It

Eli Lake was “skeptical” last year of Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg’s case against Donald Trump, he recalls at The Free Press; now, after weeks of testimony, clear the case clearly has big “flaws.” Even if Trump gets convicted, but “there is no chance the conviction will withstand appeal.” Meanwhile, “Bragg has thrown the 2024 election into chaos by dragging the presumptive Republican presidential nominee into court to defend himself against an untested legal theory premised on the testimony of a convicted liar.” This gives Trump and his supporters an excuse to reject the election results if he loses — and “ambitious Republican prosecutors” an incentive to bring weak cases against Democrats. In short, “Alvin Bragg is destroying our democratic system in order to save it.”

From the right: Biden’s Appalling Bubble

“In a recent interview with CNN, President Biden downplayed Americans’ genuine concerns about the economy in general and inflation in particular,” notes Chris Talgo at The Hill. This shows “how ridiculously out of touch he has become, less than six months before this year’s general election.”

Fact is, “78% of Americans are living paycheck to paycheck” and “29% of Americans ‘reported that their income doesn’t even cover their standard expenses,’ ” per a Forbes poll. Bloomberg reports that “income inequality has risen to an “all time high” on Biden’s watch. “The vast majority of Americans recognize Bidenomics as a disaster for the nation.” Will Biden “remain blissfully unaware of the damage his economic policies have unleashed?”

Libertarian: World War Three Has Already Begun

With British and US national security officials warning of secret Russian and Chinese cyber- and sabotage attacks on the West, “it looks like the world is not only fracturing once again, but that the hostile blocs are engaged in covert warfare,” cautions Reason’s J.D. Tuccille. Those “claims are well-founded” with recent arrests of Russian agents in Britain, Germany, Poland and elsewhere and FBI chief Christopher Wray warning of Chinese plans for “low blows against civilian infrastructure.” And “Western intelligence officials are loud in their warnings about foreign threats” but “less open regarding just what their own operatives might be doing in Russia, China, and elsewhere.” We’re now in a “global shadow war” and we must “not become collateral damage.”

Eye on NY: Slow Growth Continues

Citing data from the State Comptroller’s Office, the Empire Center’s E.J. McMahon reports that “sales tax receipts in New York grew much more slowly during the first four months of this year,” rising the most in New York City as they “in the rest of New York barely increased at all.” The Empire State’s recovery from pandemic-related job losses “has been among the weakest in the country.” Plus, any rise in “taxable purchases” was “driven by sharply rising gasoline prices” and online sales. Inflation combined with “sluggish growth in sales tax receipts during the opening four months of 2024 points to a marked slowdown in spending by New York consumers and businesses” but not by New York’s “insatiable state government.”

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