Patton Oswalt relieved there isn't a 'Ratatouille' sequel in the works

Patton Oswalt confesses he’s relieved there hasn’t been a “Ratatouille” sequel.

“The film buff [side of me] loves that there hasn’t been a sequel,” the comic actor told the NY Post exclusively at the Amazon Upfront on Tuesday.

“I love that [co-director] Brad Bird is the kind of guy that’s like, ‘I’ll do a sequel when I come up with a great idea but I’m not just going to run and scramble and try to do something just to do it.’”

The “King of Queens” alum, 55, voiced Remy, a culinary-gifted rodent who helps a hapless French chef in the beloved 2007 Pixar toon.

Patton Oswalt attends the Amazon MGM Studios and Prime Video Upfront at Pier 36 NYC in May 2024. Adela Loconte/Shutterstock

That’s not to say that a teensy part of Oswalt doesn’t wish they’d make a sequel, if only for the hefty paycheck.

“Listen, I’m going to quote a musician friend of mine who says, ‘Whenever I hear my song in this commercial, that’s the sound of my kids teeth being straightened,’” he joked, “so yeah, there is that aspect.”

The standup comedian will soon be seen as the host of a new quiz show called “The 1% Club” based on a British game show.

Oswalt says it’s not like other shows.

“It’s kind of based on how your brain works rather than how much information have you stored up in it,” he explained. “It’s about logic. It’s about, context.

Patton Oswalt voices the character Remy in “Ratatouille.” ©Walt Disney Co./Courtesy Everett Collection
The “King of Queens” alum stars in the 2007 Pixar toon. AP

“Really, really listening to the question, a lot of times the questions give away the answer in the way the question is worded. So it’s more about how aware are you? And then how quickly can you adapt and evolve kind of mentally to solve these problems.”

The “Veep” star shared that he’s “amazed” at people’s intelligence.

“I talk to contestants and get their background and they’re like, ‘Yeah, I graduated high school, I clean pools now, I don’t really know what I want to do with my life and make it all the way to the end.’

“And there are people that are having doctorates in nanotechnology. They’re going out on the 80% question. So it’s kind of stunning that I think there’s a lot of intelligence out there that isn’t really tapped into based on the system that we’re living in, right?”

“The film buff [side of me] loves that there hasn’t been a sequel,” the comic actor told the NY Post. ©Walt Disney Co./Courtesy Everett Collection

Oswalt, who married “The Journey of Natty Gann” star Meredith Salenger in 2017 following the death of his first wife, Michelle McNamara, whole-heartedly agrees that Salenger is “amazing.”

“I actually do,” he gushed. “I was texting her this morning…she’s amazing.”

“The 1% Club” will premiere on June 3 on Fox with a next day release on Prime Video.

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