Jen Psaki admits Joe Biden's so senile he should skip press conferences and go on The View

Former White House flack Jen Psaki has a brilliant new media strategy for the embattled prez for the last leg of his reelection campaign.

No more actual contact with the press!

“My view is he should come on ‘The View’ before he does a press conference,” said Psaki (on “The View,” natch). 

 Biden administration as the 34th White House press secretary until May 2022.
Jen Psaki served as the 34th White House press secretary under the Biden administration until May 2022. Getty Images for the USOPC

But in a sense, she’s dead right. 

Biden can barely manage to string five words together, stand upright for extended periods of time or avoid yet another humiliating wander-off. 

And even when he does keep it together, he comes off as unfocused, clipped and frail. 

Plus, he may well stray into Crazy Town, as happened when he implied his uncle was shot down as an airman in World War II and then eaten by cannibals

Or when he riffed on racism dominating Japan and India.

A guy with a mind coming apart at the seams like that has zero business facing the real press corps. 

Sadly, with Geriatric Joe, that’s true even though a huge chunk of the media would be happy to spit-polish his wingtips. 

Imagine how dire things are looking internally for Dems that one of the national party’s top surrogates is now openly admitting Joe’s past it, so bring on the softballs.  

Yes, in fairness, there is a natural affinity between morning-show pap and Biden policy. 

Both are muddled, both traffic in platitudes rather than reality and both play to the emotions of labile and poorly informed Democrats. 

And the idea does absolutely reek of the open contempt Biden has for America’s voters — you know, the people he swore to defend and protect. 

That’s a contempt Psaki herself often seemed to share: Remember how she responded to worries about inflation

The only downside, of course, is that Biden’s policies and rhetoric — on everything from the border to gender extremism to Israel’s war against Hamas — are so bad that not even a sycophantic coven of cackling lefty wine grandmoms like “The View” hosts can make them palatable. 

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