Kendrick Lamar, Drake Beef TikTok Round-Up

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We are on day 44 of open hostility between Drake and Kendrick Lamar. “Like That” re-sparked the feud between Kendrick Lamar Duckworth and Aubrey Drake Graham in March, and over the weekend things have really heated up. The two rappers are trading diss tracks back and forth at a furious speed, with Metro Boomin even providing a diss beat for anyone to use. Imagine creating so much ill will that someone invents freeware to hate on you. Incredible. TikTok has been dissecting the disses — bringing expertise in astrology, law, Swiftieology, and more into the discourse. Learn from their work and watch the videos below.

If you’re waiting for Drake to get irrationally mad at you, STAY IN LINE!

Like I’m your baby, specifically.

Apparently this is all explained by Kendrick being a Gemini, and Drake having too many water placements.

The new hater anthem works well for banishment spells, who knew?

Reb Masel pointed out that Drake’s defense against the pedophile accusations would not hold up in court.

Metro Boomin put out “BBL Drizzy” for anyone to rap over, but what if I told you “Hiss” by Megan Thee Stallion already fits perfectly over it?

As most internet conspiracies usually do, it all goes back to Taylor Swift, doesn’t it?

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