Joe Biden is betraying America and Israel by demanding a ceasefire in Gaza

Just days ago, I wrote that Joe Biden was “inching toward a full betrayal of Israel.”

Forget the inching.

He’s now sprinting toward the final act. 

And he’s doing it at the United Nations, a forum that has been openly promoting antisemitism for decades.

Biden’s latest salvo against the Jewish state is a new plan to have the UN Security Council support his demand for a cease-fire in Gaza.

The resolution’s text, now being circulated for reactions, reportedly does not put a deadline on a halt in the fighting and also calls for Hamas to release all the hostages it holds.

Both features are appealing, but ultimately serve only to mask the real danger of Biden’s gambit.


For one thing, the White House, despite its growing criticism of Israel’s approach and especially of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, has refrained from actually stopping his response to the Oct. 7 terrorist invasion

While it has tried to micromanage military decisions, with Secretary of State Antony Blinken attending war cabinet meetings, it has not withheld assistance or otherwise penalized combat leaders for refusing to follow American requests.

Another sign of restraint is that the US has vetoed three anti-Israel Security Council resolutions.

Just Tuesday, Algeria sponsored one demanding an immediate cease-fire, which gained 13 votes, with Britain abstaining, making it clear that America is Israel’s only defender.

But that defense is on life support now that Biden is jumping on the cease-fire bandwagon.

The widespread assumption is that once the hostages were released, he would lead the charge to make the temporary fighting halt a permanent one. 

The logic would be to spare upwards of an estimated 1.4 million civilians gathered in Rafah, the last unconquered urban area in Gaza and where Israel has turned its focus.

But the effect would be to bring the war to a close before Israel can rout the final elements of Hamas hiding there, many in tunnels.

An Israeli assault could possibly lead many civilians, and some Hamas terrorists, to flee to Jordan and Egypt.

Both Arab nations have publicly denounced Israel’s Gaza campaign, in large measure because they don’t want an influx of Palestinians that could destabilize their regimes.

(Biden’s agreement on the need for Jordan and Egypt to have secure borders stands in contrast to his lack of concern about America’s.)

Meanwhile, the president’s plan to get the UN involved is not a symbolic gesture.

A Security Council resolution carries binding power on all UN members, including Israel, which would be more isolated than ever if it didn’t comply.

The nation and its leaders could face sanctions. 

Goal of statehood 

All that would be terrible enough, but the worst is yet to come.

Biden has made it clear that, as soon as this war ends, he aims to pave the way for the creation of a Palestinian state, one that would immediately join the UN. 

Crucial details are hazy or don’t exist.

He and Blinken haven’t signed off on any substantive positions on borders, governance, security, funding for rebuilding or scores of other fundamental ­questions. 

All they know is that they want to be able to say they delivered on the long discussed two-state solution — even though it won’t be a solution to anything. 

Incredibly, they’ve been silent on Jerusalem. 

Both Palestinians and Jews consider it their capital, and the US recognizes Israel’s claim, thanks to the Trump administration. 

It tried to negotiate with the Palestinians but got nowhere.

Biden now apparently intends to create a state despite rejection across Israeli society, and not even negotiate a unique ally’s security concerns.

The sudden sense of urgency and the back-of-the-envelope approach reveals the president’s motivation.

Because the birth of a Palestinian state would supposedly happen before the November election, it’s all about saving his political hide. 

Terrified of losing Michigan and other states with sizable numbers of Muslims, the president is willing to endanger Israel’s existence to gain the support of a voting bloc where Jew hatred is prevalent.

Ditto for the keffiyeh-wearing college radicals who have ignorantly swallowed the terrorists’ line that killing children, raping and torturing women and taking hostages are forms of self-defense. 

It’s not that Biden fears the Muslim and student voters would support Trump.

His concern is that they would stay home in states where margins of victory are tiny. 

If that’s not betrayal, what is it? 

Helping Hamas 

A premature cease-fire would guarantee another Hamas attack, and adding a new country would be one of the biggest and most dangerous appeasements by any American president.

The net effect would be to spare many of the leaders who orchestrated the bestial slaughter of Oct. 7 and let them murder and rape again, this time under the cover of statehood.

If there is anything certain in the Mideast, it is that Hamas will not stop trying to kill Jews until either it or Israel is eliminated.

As one of its leaders said on Lebanese television of the October invasion, “We will do this again and again.” 

Ghazi Hamad called October “just the first time, and there will be a second, a third, a fourth.”

“Israel is a country that has no place on our land,” he continued.

“We must remove that country.” 

That’s what Israel is up against — not a fight over borders but a fight for its existence.

And it’s not just Hamas that wants to destroy Israel.

Iran, Hezbollah, the Houthis — the list is long, and all would be encouraged by Biden fathering a new state from which to carry out attacks. 

Perhaps most troubling, most Palestinian civilians back the October massacre.

The indoctrination of hate begins early, and numerous online and social-media videos over the years show Palestinian children expressing the hope of growing up to be an Islamic martyr and killing Jews. 

It is an example of why Netanyahu has insisted on, among other things, a credible plan to deradicalize Palestinian society.

The education system, carried out mostly by United Nations personnel, is rife with antisemitism and praise of violence. 

And now Joe Biden wants to turn this swamp into a nation. 

Just to win an election. 

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