Adam Sandler 2024 People’s Choice Awards Icon Speech

Photo: NBCUniversal/Twitter

They says dress for the job you want. Well, Adam Sandler wrote the speech for the award he wants. At the 2024 People’s Choice Awards, the Sandman was presented the People’s Icon Award by his Murder Mystery co-star Jennifer Aniston. But once he got on stage, Sandler said, whoops! He thought he was getting the People’s Sexiest Man Alive award, and brought an acceptance speech reflecting that honor. “My name is Adam Sandler and I am the sexiest man alive, can I get a hell yeah?” he said. “I would like to say thank you for recognizing me as the man who made our entire country the horniest this year and was by far the most-talked-about person in the bedroom by couples or throuples during fantasy role plays and sloppy time. Can I get another hell yeah?” Sandler said he would use his sexiness for good, and turn on any she, he, or they who needs it. Sandler closes with some advice to the “ugly folks” who want to get on his level: “Embrace your chubbiness, lean into your goofiness, and just start hanging out with David Spade and Rob Schneider, so you can look handsomer and three feet taller than you actually are.”

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