Nicole Fegan

The attorney for one of the defendants in the Young Slime Life RICO trial, who is currently facing her own gang-related charges, has been released on bond.

Nicole Fegan

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Police arrested YSL lawyer Nicole Fegan for contacting a suspect she was not representing. Fegan’s client, Tenquarius Mender, is a defendant whose case separated from the YSL gang’s main RICO trial early in 2023. Channel 2 confirmed the defense attorney’s charges with the Fulton County District Attorney’s Office.

Atlanta police verified authorities arrested Fegan on Friday afternoon. Her charges stem from a phone call to a suspect in the Sept. 27, 2022 shooting of two men in Northwest Atlanta. One of the men gunned down at Williams Street and Baker Street died from his injuries.

Fegan informed the suspect that she discovered warrants issued for his arrest through a preliminary hearing. She allegedly advised him to “dispose of his phone as police were going to arrest him.” The attorney maintains her innocence.

Nicole Fegan Faces Criminal Charges For Suspected Involvement In Street Gang Activity And Solicitation To Tamper With Evidence

Atlanta Police Department stated after Fegan’s arrest in Gwinnett County, they transported her to Fulton County jail on suspected involvement in criminal street gang activity, in addition to criminal solicitation to tamper with evidence. Attorney Fegan had outstanding warrants for these charges.

Fegan’s booking photo is unavailable due to the cybersecurity attack on Fulton County.

Renee Rockwell, an Atlanta defense attorney, stated Fegan was granted a $40,000 bond and released on Friday night from Fulton County Jail. Rockwell does not represent Fegan, who has yet to retain counsel from her knowledge. Rockwell took it upon herself to contact the Fulton County District Attorney’s Office after learning of her arrest. The legal practitioner stated that she “felt urged to action” and requested a fair bond on Fegan’s behalf, resulting in the $40,000 sum.

The YSL racketeering conspiracy trial has already been one for the books with Young Thug’s Hip Hop lyrics blasting in court. Police also busted an associate, Kahlieff Adams, attempting to pass Thug a Percocet as he sat at the defendant’s table.

An attorney arrested for gang-related activity seems like an addition from a Hollywood writer. Let’s see what the wildest Hip Hop trial in history will produce next.

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