NYC credit card surcharge law shows Dems focused on fake issues

Our lefty legislative overlords, city and state, have high tolerances for crime and public disorder, failing schools, and a high cost of living that slams everyone except the ultra-wealthy. 

But when it comes to credit card surcharges, they’re on the case

A new law has just gone into effect requiring Empire State businesses to either post total prices with such charges added in, or list the different prices for card and cash payments — absolving shoppers of the need to do tricky arithmetic like figuring 3% of $15. 

This will (allegedly) protect New Yorkers from surprise fees. 

What about the “surprise fees,” reaching into the multibillions, that the migrant crisis is going to cost?

Or the sky-high tax burden — we collect the most per $1,000 of personal income in the country! — that slams average New Yorkers right in the pocketbook?

credit cards are seen on July 1, 2021, in Orlando, Fla
As of Sunday, businesses in New York are required to disclose any additional credit card surcharges before a customer begins to check out.

Seems our progressive masterminds in Albany have zero worries about those

Closer to home, our City Council is making moves against another looming menace: not subway crime or homelessness, but Tide pods. 

Yes, Councilman James Gennaro (D-Queens) aims to ban the convenient detergent delivery modules (and erstwhile snack for YouTube-addled teens) over fears they may contain microplastics (the trendiest new product/health worry). 

This is the same body that just passed a law permanently handcuffing cops with senseless paperwork, banned solitary confinement at Rikers, and has signed off on countless other measures making life demonstrably worse for all. 

It’s the definition of progressive myopia: Ignore the real, massive problems that confront citizens in favor of esoteric non-issues driven by fashionable orthodoxies. 

Like the city’s still-kicking-in Local Law 97, a 2019 green brainstorm mandating expensive refits of old buildings. 

The projected pain is so bad, Mayor Eric Adams is mulling property tax breaks for condo and co-op owners to alleviate it.

But why not skip the green-fanatic regulations in the first place — they’ll do nothing for the climate — and avoid the need for carve-outs entirely?

Sadly, ideology has blinded the lefty Dems who drive New York policies to plain-as-the-nose-on-your-face ideas like that.

And we all suffer as a result. 

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