Latto Hosts Hoes Down, Pimps Up Birthday Affair

Latto Hosts Hoes Down, Pimps Up Birthday Affair

Latto – Source: Prince Williams / Getty

Latto has dropped her latest single “Sunday Service” which she insists isn’t a diss, despite fans pointing out a few bars aimed at Ice Spice.

Things between female rappers feel more hostile than ever and with Nicki Minaj and Megan Thee Stallion dominating the headlines, it seems to have inspired others to air out their issues.

As previously reported, during an audio chat with fans, Ice Spice said that she didn’t appreciate her music being played in the background of one of Latto’s Instagram Stories and she took it as shade.

And while Latto might not have meant anything by it, Ice Spice revealed that her “Think You The Sh*t” track was a response. That promoted Latto to film a a video in Ice Spice’s hometown of the Bronx, and the whole feud was fully baked in less than 24 hours.

Now Latto has amped things up with her track  “Sunday Service” where she urges Ice Spice to get in the booth and clearly shades her by saying;

“Think I’m the sh*t? I know it ho.. Jesus walked on water, I got Ice [Spice] boiling though.”




It feels as if she is baiting the NYC rapper but it undeniably makes for great entertainment.


While we await a response from Ice Spice, you can enjoy “Sunday Service” below.

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