Taylor Swift Made Jessica Chastain a Heartbreak Playlist

Taylor Swift, the queen of heartbreak bops, isn’t just good at writing about her most painful moments in love; she’s great at making a playlist to mend a broken heart. Jessica Chastain may not be the only person who’s had her heart mended by Swift’s music, but she might be one of the few mended by Swift’s musical suggestions. During an interview on The Tonight Show, Chastain shared that years ago, Chastain confided in Swift about a heartbreak early on in their careers at the Met Ball in 2011 and got a surprise in her inbox soon after. She said, “The next day, I had an e-mail from iTunes that said ‘Taylor Swift…’ whatever, and I thought it was just a Taylor Swift album. She had made me a breakup playlist… She curated all these breakup songs.” Chastain needs to confirm if “Jar of Hearts” made the cut.

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