Domani Harris Claims a Pastor's Attempt to Exploit T.I.'s Celebrity Status to Pad the Collection Plate Turned His Family Away from Attending Church

The business of the church is keeping people like Domani Harris and his family from making appearances in pews across Atlanta. The second-eldest son of rapper T.I. recently shared a hilarious story about an incident that led his famous family to step away from attending service.

In a Q&A with TRSH Magazine, Domani revealed the last time he likely set foot in a sanctuary was for a funeral. “We were a very religious family. We had a lot of suits. We would go to church. Church is cool, too. Church is cool even outside of being a religious person,” said the 22-year-old burgeoning artist.

Domani Harris claims a pastor tried to hustle T.I. for money so they quit going to church. (L-R: T.I. Domani, Heiriss, and King. Photos: Tip/Instagram.)

He continued, “I think we started slowing down ‘cause they started drawing too much attention and passing the collection plate like a little more often than usual. And they even had my father try to speak on stage with the pastor. Like, the pastor would hand him the microphone, like, ‘Tip, you got something to say?’”

Despite the pastor’s attempt at seemingly exploiting T.I.’s celebrity status for financial gain, the “I Know It’s Real” rapper insists he still believes in the religious institution. However, reactions to Domani’s anecdote prove that between laughing emojis, at least a few people fully understood why his family turned away from the Sunday tradition.

In the comments of TRSH’s Instagram post sharing the clip, a person wrote, “A pastor trying handing the phone to a rapper is insane nothing against T.I. But what about him makes you think he should preach in your church?”

Another remarked, “Church a whole business you gotta to school just to be a preacher they be pushing a certain agenda.”

Domani is the most recent Harris man to sit down and answer questions from the yellow trashcan. Both his father and younger brother, King, have previously been featured as guests. In recent weeks, T.I. and King have made headlines for their alleged strained relationship.

Hawk-eyed social media users have been analyzing their interactions since the 19-year-old was involved in a public blowout with his father in November over his upbringing.

Most recently, fans noticed the soon-to-be-retired rapper appearing to be uninterested as the headline-making teen paid tribute to his dad with a performance of “Why You Wanna” during an event to mark the 20th anniversary of T.I.’s sophomore album, “Trap Muzik.”

Amid the backlash regarding the aforementioned feud, T.I. has publicly declared unwavering support for his younger son, as did his mother, Tiny Harris. Domani, in a separate interview, also expressed support for his sibling, stating that King’s message about his upbringing, which seemed to be the catalyst for the blowout, being split between his parents and grandmother was misconstrued.

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