Miami Art Basel Set the Scene For Many of Our Faves to Shine This Past Weekend

This past weekend was Miami Art Basel— where art lovers, party lovers, and lovers of all things Miami gathered to enjoy the culture. Miami Art Basel specifically, one of the most renowned art festivals in the world, takes place annually in December and transforms the city into a vibrant hub of creativity and cultural exchange. The event attracts artists, collectors, curators and art enthusiasts from around the globe, turning Miami into a heartbeat of contemporary art for a week. With its diverse range of engaging art exhibitions, thought-provoking installations, and captivating performances, Miami Art Basel offers a unique platform for the discovery and appreciation of modern and contemporary art. Fashion, entertainment and tech brands alike curate events centered around artistic activations and have celebrities perform and/or occupy the space. This year rapper Offset and singer Victoria Monet were all over the town.

During Miami Art Basel, the city becomes a playground for artists to showcase their talent and push the boundaries of artistic expression. The festival extends beyond the traditional gallery spaces, with art installations spilling onto the streets, transforming Miami’s urban landscape into an open-air gallery. Attendees can explore a rich tapestry of innovative artworks, from paintings and sculptures to digital art and interactive installations. With satellite fairs, renowned galleries, and pop-up exhibitions throughout the city, Miami Art Basel presents a kaleidoscope of creativity that inspires and captivates visitors, fostering a shared love for art and cultural exploration.

Below EBONY takes you inside the activations including Meta, Dussé, and W Magazine to name a few. Book your flight and hotel in advance next year, you won’t want to miss it.

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