Joey King Defends Kissing Booth Movies Against Jacob Elordi

We’re dangerously close to a plot for Kissing Booth 4.
Photo-Illustration: Vulture ; Photos: Emma McIntyre/Getty Images, Steve Granitz/FilmMagic

If you somehow missed it, Jacob Elordi is a Movie Star now. He’s logged roles in a biopic and a controversial class satire this year, which is to say he’ll probably have an Oscar before the end of the decade. Oh, and perhaps the most crucial moment on this journey — on this fall’s run of press, Elordi dissed his populist past work on the Kissing Booth series. For his GQ “Man of the Year” cover, Elordi called the teen rom-coms “ridiculous” and said he “didn’t want to make” them, apparently rubbing his former co-star (and ex-girlfriend) Joey King the wrong way. “I think it’s unfortunate anyone would feel that way,” King told Variety on December 2 when asked about Elordi’s statement. “I had a great time making those movies no matter what anyone says.”

King has long been a Kissing Booth defender. In 2020, she shrugged off bad reviews of the series, telling Variety, “not everything needs to have critical acclaim.” She reiterated that she “couldn’t be prouder” of the films to the Independent last year and would “never regret” them, “no matter what anyone says.” That “anyone” is pretty clearly Elordi, who previously told Esquire he “felt very corny” after making the series. Your co-star drinking your cummy bathwater, though? That’s some serious filmmaking.

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