Fans are astounded after Tasha K genuinely congratulated Ice Cube on 31 years of marriage.

Legendary rapper and “Friday” filmmaker Ice Cube and his wife Kimberly Woodruff celebrated their 31st wedding anniversary earlier this week.

On Nov. 28, Cube posted a tribute to their love on his Instagram with a carousel of him and Woodruff. The “You Know How We Do It” artist received dozens of congratulations responses from many of his married contemporaries like fellow rappers Snoop Dogg and E40, radio host Ebro Darden, as well as other celebrities like Terrance “Bud” Crawford and Matt Barnes.

Fans are astounded after Tasha K genuinely congratulated Ice Cube on 31 years of marriage.Fans are astounded after Tasha K genuinely congratulated Ice Cube on 31 years of marriage.
Fans are astounded after Tasha K genuinely congratulated Ice Cube on 31 years of marriage. (Photo: @unwinewithtashak @icecube/Instagram)

While many familiar faces popped in to celebrate their holy matrimony, one person caught fans off guard with their genuine congratulatory statements. Controversial social media blogger Tasha K made a celebratory video for the rapper’s over thirty-year union with his wife.

Tasha K, whose real name is Latasha Kebe, is known for revealing and sharing explosive, yet damaging rumors about celebrities, reality stars and public figures. But she put aside her petty hat to praise Ice Cube.

“Let me tell you how clean this is, he cleaner than Denzel Washington,” he said, noting another actor who has been married for nearly four decades to Pauletta Washington. “We gotta show them some love.”

Tasha K then shifted back to her ways as she mentioned that other couples have been breaking up “like Dwyane and Gabby,” which is still very much a rumor, so she wanted to show them love for sticking together.

Tasha K read Ice Cube’s caption to his wife, “31 years of marriage. 34 years of love. Happy Anniversary,” calling it “very husband-like.”

“When you gotta real man he don’t need no paragraph,” she continued. “He don’t need to post you every day. That’s when you know they cheatin’, so if they do get caught cheatin’, you gon’ forgive them ‘cause of everything they said and did for you.”

Tasha K finished her latest rant by saying, “This is the definition of true love and let’s just hope we don’t jinx it here ok so congratulations to this lovely couple.”

Fans are not used to Tasha K being as cordial and kind with her words compared to other celebrity couples she discusses. Two said, “Man I was ready say dam Tasha got dirt on everyone,” and “The first time I heard you be nice.”

Other people suggested the N.W.A. rapper may have had a talk with the blogger before she made the video,including one who said, “Cube say don’t play with him.”

Ice Cube and his wife have known each other since the late 80s. The “No Vaseline” rapper first laid eyes on his future wife in 1989 as she was going down the escalator at the Fox Hills Mall, now called the Westfield Culver City Shopping Center, in Culver City, CA.

In a Sept. 2021 Interview, Cube said his first thought after seeing Woodruff was “either that could be your woman, or that should be your woman.” Years later, Ice Cube name-dropped his wife in his classic 1992 song “It Was a Good Day,” when he said, “I gotta beep from Kim, and she can do it all night.”

The two got married later that year and have been together ever since. Along the way, they had five children together, Oshea Jr., Deja, Darrell, Shareef, and Karima Jackson. Their eldest son, Oshea Jr. followed in his father’s footsteps and became an actor. He portrayed Cube in the biopic “Straight Outta Compton,” opposite actress Alexandra Shipp, who played Woodruff.

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