Woman holding tasty crispbread at white wooden table, closeup

Woman holding tasty crispbread at white wooden table, closeup

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’Tis the season to arrest violent racists!

Shawnee Mission East High School was the subject of a BOSSIP post on Wednesday that detailed the events that led to a white male student punching a Black female student in the face and breaking her nose after calling her the n-word. Students were outraged that the school thought it appropriate to suspend both students despite the fact that one was clearly the the victim of a hate crime.

Well, Santa hasn’t slid down the chimney yet but that doesn’t mean that Christmas hasn’t come early.

According to Fox4KC, the white boy has been arrested and charged with felony aggravated assault in Johnson County Court. A student-led protest on behalf of the Black student is planned for Thursday. A DailyMail article reports that 100 students holding signs walked out of class this past Monday. These kids are not playing and we love to see it! A student named Charlize Littlejohn describes the issues with race at Shawnee Mission as “ongoing” according to the Kansas City Defender:

“This was a serious attack… a textbook hate crime,” she stated, emphasizing the need for a decisive response from the school’s administration. She went on to say that “There were so many warning signs. It’s been going on for so long. Most of the people involved are seniors or upperclassmen. Its been going on for so long. We’ve reported it and talked about it but nothing has happened.”

We hope this kid is punished to the fullest extent of the law despite being charged as a juvenile.


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